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New branding revealed for Northern Property Tribe


Walker Fox, hosts of the Northern Property Tribe have please in revealing the new branding image.

Designed by Ces Loftus of Creatively Minded and further adapted by Nick Tadd of Social  Media Graffiti, the brand image echos that of the online community Property Tribes whose values the Northern Property Tribe replicate offline.


Walker Fox interviewed by Vanessa Warwick of Property Tribes


There is a lot of talk about ethical trading both on the Property Tribes forum where I often hang out and elsewhere, I was invited by Vanessa Warwick of Property Tribes to discuss this topic.

The Property Investor Show 2010 – The Great Landlord Debate, #propshow #gld transcript


The Property Investor Show 2010 was held at London’s Excel between 14th & 16th October 2010.


At 1.30pm on Friday 15th October 2010, Property Tribes, the online community founded by husband and wife team Nick Tadd and Vanessa Warwick held “The Great Landlord Debate” a “free for all questioning” to a – what Nick described as  – distinguished panel. Which consisted of Ahm Charles, John Corey, Lisa Orme, Nigel Fitzerlakey, Nick Dare and the great Paul Shamplina – and if you don’t know any of these people – trust me – you want to and need to.


The debate was great and was recorded using the  #propshow #gld hashtag on Twitter For those who missed the debate or the Twitter feed, I have produced a transcript here.


#propshow #gld @4_wallsbelieves that interest rates will not increase significantly for the next 3 to 4 years


@baijusolanki > Listening to the Great Landlord debate at #propshow #gld Question: How to deal with tenent that pays, but pays late?


@castlemont> Good advice from Nick Tadd @4_Walls re seminars & gurus- if you knew the winning lottery numbers, would you sell them? #propshow #gld


#propshow #gld @lisaorme ‘crystal ball time’ General concensus from mortgage industry that interest rates 2011 – 1%, <2% for 3 to 5 years


#propshow #gld Interest rates unlikely to rise dramatically in the near future, fixe rates may be preferable when rates increase


#propshow #gld Now is a good time to switch to repayment products to take advantage of low interest rates, check your LTV rates


#propshow #gld @lisaorme Sell, Buy/Sell and pat down debt to increase portfolio equity


@financecoaching> RT @4_Walls: #propshow #gld @lisaorme ‘crystal ball time’ General concensus from mortgage industry that interest rates 2011 – 1%, <2% for 3 to 5 years


#propshow #gld *pay* down debt


@Juliansampsonww> RT @4_Walls: #propshow #gld @juliansampsonww advocates a ‘cool down’ period for deals, sleep on it to see if its still a good idea


@juliansampsonww> RT @4_Walls: #propshow #gld @juliansampsonww “What happens if a lease option party becomes bankrupt?” Beware, there is more to come on the legal


#propshow #gld Check out the popular property forums for FREE advice and information #proptribes #singingpig recommended


@financecoaching> RT @4_Walls: #propshow #gld *pay* down debt


#propshow #gld From the audience; pressure test your portfolio profits and use to pay down debt or improve properties


#propshow #gld Nationwide do not intend to cap number of mortgages, new lenders will mean more competitve deals


#propshow #gld @lisaorme A number of new BTL lenders currently going through the approval process although lending limits apply


#propshow #gld @lisaorme Do not underestimate how positive lenders are about the BTL market

#propshow #gld Question on HMO regulation, How does it work?


#propshow #gld @lisaorme Labour government made planning proposals which the coalition intend to repeal


#propshow #gld Judicial Review regarding HMO planning laws began this week


@juliansampsonww> RT @4_Walls: #propshow #gld @lisaorme Do not underestimate how positive lenders are about the BTL market


#propshow #gld Join in the debate on the web, feel free to ask questions to the panel


#propshow #gld Ensure that you always speak to your local authority before commiting to any HMO deal


@baijusolanki > BREAKING NEWS: Lenders are lovin’ the BTL Market #propshow #gld


#propshow #gld How favourable are the High Street Banks for mortgage lending? @4_walls has experience with Natwest


#propshow #gld @lisaorme Lloyds Group do not apply cap for commercial lending although LTVs, Rental Coverage and Business Plan needed


#propshow #gld Nick Dare speaks well of Lloyds Commercial lending,’banking is all about being professional and building a good relationship’


#propshow #gld @john_corey Private money is a viable alternative to bank lending for property deals


#propshow #gld @ahmcharles Its not a big issue NOT to use bank lending, it will not kill a deal, there are more ways to skin a cat


#propshow #gld @castlemont Is BTL the way forward?


@financecoaching> RT @4_Walls: #propshow #gld @lisaorme Do not underestimate how positive lenders are about the BTL market


#propshow #gld @castlemont @lisaorme “Banks are not buying money in at base or lower, more likely 2%” BTL is commercial finance not resi


#propshow #gld @lisaorme Commercial lending rates at under 5% is fantastic


#propshow #gld From Twitter to @landlordaction What to do if a tenant pays consistently late?


#propshow #gld @landlordaction Do you want to put up with late payment or go for eviction? Use S.21 notices to re-gain your properties


#propshow #gld @landlordaction If you are self managing, make sure you have good credit control and the time to do it or otherwise use agent


#propshow #gld Time your notices to coincide with the requirements of S.8 & S.21 notices, could take 5-6 months to gain possession


@juliansampsonww> “@kevrose: @JulianSampsonWW Re:BTL Difficult/impossible to get anything over 50% LTV through Paragon though I hear #gld #propshow @LisaOrme


#propshow #gld @landlordaction are presentlng a petition to 10 Downing Street need 3,000 names “Big campaign”


#propshow #gld If you want more info on @lanlordaction please visit stand 148


#propshow #gld Make sure you undertake due diligence and referencing on tenants then consider Tenancy insurance and Rent Protection


#propshow #gld As a Landlord, it is imperative to know your legal rights to minimise any delays in the event of a problem, educate yourself


#propshow #gld Always build rapport an maintain a relationship with your tenants to avoid communication breakdowns


#propshow #gld BTL is a business, do not get emotionally involved – Can you support your commitments in the event of voids?


#propshow #gld @4_walls communicate and build relationships in property with your tenants, you are a service provider


#propshow #gld From the audience, Is now a positive period for property investment?


#propshow #gld @ahmcharles “Its a fantastic time to be an investor, people are prepared to do deals”


#propshow #gld Barriers are being lowered to allow more structured deals providing that capital is available


#propshow #gld Are you a Landlord or an Investor? or are they one in the same? Pls Rt using hashtags


#propshow #gld @lisaorme Consider cash collection for rents rather than relying on standing orders, can make the difference in arrears


#propshow #gld Help your tenant to manage his own finances


#propshow #gld @john_corey Consider collecting rents fortnightly, get your money when they have it, can work well for both parties


@castlemont> RT @4_Walls: #propshow #gld Are you a Landlord or an Investor? or are they one in the same? > both, but they’re not the same.


#propshow #gld @landlordaction @landlordaction Has been appealing for direct payments for LHA to be overturned since its inception in 2008



#propshow #gld From the audience, “rents collected on credit card with good results”


#propshow #gld @grumpylandlord is both Landlord and Investor, How do we recover losses after eviction? Can they be placed on a register?


#propshow #gld @landlordaction Data Protection legislation ‘bad tenant’ information cannot be shared, unless enforced money order not CCJ


#propshow #gld Serial Bad Tenants will be flagged to @landlordaction database


#propshow #gld @nicktadd A Landlord has a tactic an Investor has a strategy


#propshow #gld What are the alternatives to conventional BTL finance and how can they be accessed?


#propshow #gld Collective investment schemes will require FSA approval an circa 100k investment, Why would a Hedge Fund? @john_corey


#propshow #gld Beware discussing investment deals with strangers, difficult to secure funds from a cold source – Highly regulate area


#propshow #gld @Lisaorme 18 months of a 2 year period undertaking legals for collective investment scheme at a cost of 180k


#propshow #gld Hedge funds will require a tight business plan on investments at 10m+


#propshow #gld Nick Dare, great deals available on ‘off market’ opportunities that could attract finance


#propshow #gld @ahmcharles ‘Private investors looking for you to invest, they have security and you can return around 20% uplift’


@juliansampsonww> #gld #propshow oh dear- in seminar and five mins in NMD reared it’s head! @4_Walls


#propshow #gld Debate extended by 20 minutes, don’t miss your chance to take part


#propshow #gld @ahmcharles ‘Your local market is so much more important that the wider UK market’


#propshow #gld @nicktadd ‘Search out the pockets in the UK that haven’t been affected by the economic crisis’

#propshow #gld Do holiday lets offer good returns?


#propshow #gld @4_walls Hugh renaissance in british holiday market, improvement in property standards, season extende as a consequence


#propshow #gld UK Holiday lets, look for year round appeal to add to and diversify your portfolio


#propshow #gld #holidaylets Summer lets pay the costs, Look for the niche to maximise Spring & Autumn for you profits


#propshow #gld Just because you can put your rents up, why should you? Consider your relationship with your tenant and your current cashflow


#propshow #gld Can we still do No Money Down?


@castlemont>RT @4_Walls: #propshow #gld Can we still do No Money Down? > not legally


#propshow #gld Article in The Times 18/09/10 Knowingly withold information from a mortgage lender there are civil and criminal consequences


#propshow #gld There are no mainstream, high street lenders that will do No Money Down deals @lisaorme


#propshow #gld How to do NMD deals? Use CASH!! either your own or with an investment partner


#propshow #gld Do not pay attention to ‘our scheme is legal, above board, lender approval’ If you are paying ‘x’ and declaring ‘y’ its FRAUD


#propshow #gld Just because an NMD deal has been funded, it does not mean you are off the hook. Authorities are trawling through deals


#propshow #gld NMD is about collecting ‘fees’ or ‘commission’ not about buying property, do not put yourself at risk


#propshow #gld NMD = mortgage fraud, land registry fraud, tax evasion – PRISON!


#propshow #gld The Mortgage Works have withdrawn lending to deals sourced via property clubs and groups


#propshow #gld The lenders are monitoring forums, twitter an other social media forums


#propshow #gld Beware the hype from Property Packagers who claim 100’s of deals per month, its hype @lisaorme


#propshow #gld Lenders considering pursuit of Property Investors – Do you have professional indemnity insurance?

#propshow #gld Greed in property investment is a huge motivator, take stock and consider the risks before you commit


#propshow #gld Has property investment turned into a pyramid scheme? @landlordaction believes that regulation is the way forward


#propshow #gld @nicktad brings the debate to a close, thanks to the panel.. Remember don’t get conned


#propshow #gld Lets continue the debate on #proptribes, look forward to meeting new friends

Twitter Q&A #wfqa with Lisa Orme, Property Finance Expert



Lisa is a well known and much respected property owner, investor and financial expert who is a regular contributor to the popular property                forums such as Property Tribes and also has a regular feature in the publication Your Property Network.

Managing Director of Keys UK Ltd, who  are a specialist property investment and development company that provide a range of consultancy,        mortgage, finance and protection services.




1. @WalkerFox (WF)Why did you get involved with twitter?

@LisaOrme (LO): Hi Rob, I’m nosey! It’s great to chat with people you’ve never met and get insights to people you’d never dream you could

2. WF: What sort of messages can we expect from your twitter feed

LO: like to tweet & retweet useful snippets of info about the property & rental market, a few jokes and replies to others.

LO: I’m also a bit of a vigilante and often tweet about people who’ve committed some crime or other – that’s Twitter power!

3. WF: Where do you find your inspiration in the property industry?

LO: Ordinary people not from the so called gurus or big shots. My clients inspire me the most; quietly getting on with it.

4. WF: What’s your biggest property tip?

LO: Ooh hard one; I think it would have to be get rich slow. Property is a long term game with a few quick wins along the way.


5. WF: Where do invest in property?


LO: The Midlands; I stick to areas I can access within about 30 minutes of where I live.

6. WF:  Is property your ‘career’ or what else do you do?

LO: Buy to let is my retirement, buy to sell was my ‘living’ but now have mortgage brokerage too which is more of a passion.

7. WF:  What else is your passion?

LO: Flying and travel. Completely nuts about both.

Progressive Property


Just a quick note to say that Progressive have now refunded my money.

Shame it took so long guys.

Twitter Q&A #wfqa Interview with Andrew Webber, HMO Investor


Andrew Webber started getting into the idea of property investment in 2006. The idea of making loads of money without doing very much seemed a bit more appealing than slogging his guts out in a job he hated until he was 65.

In the 4 years since then he has had a few ups (6 properties bought) a few downs (a lot of deals fall through!) met a few great people, and frankly, a lot of annoying ones.

Andrew started off learning about HMO’s/ Multi-lets, then moved onto small flats rented out to DSS tenants, and is now getting into Lease Options as well!

Andrew writes a regular property based blog, The Property Blog which is an open and honest account of what he is trying to achieve, how he intends to do it, and very honestly, how he getting on. (it’s been a bit difficult the last year or so).

Andrew may even swear a bit at times. He may mention names, both positive and negative, who have been really helpful, and which companies/ people to avoid like the plague.

But over the next few months hopefully there will be a few bits of interest for anyone who is “in to” property, or thinking of getting into it.

1. @WalkerFox (WF)Why did you get involved with twitter?

@AWebberProperty (AW): Just to investigate what all the fuss is about!

2. WF: What sort of messages can we expect from your twitter feed

AW: Generally they will be snippets from my blog, and links to other useful resources I have found useful.

3. WF: Where do you find your inspiration in the property industry?

AW: 3.Firstly from my end goal. That inspires me to keep investing in property. Secondly from some of the great people I’ve met

4. WF: What’s your biggest property tip?

AW: Never be afraid to ask questions-loads of people are happy to help. And buy for cashflow, capital gains are a bonus.

5. WF: Where do invest in property?

AW: I invest in Swindon. A lot more investors have found it over the last couple of years though! Much more competition!

6. WF:  Is property your ‘career’ or what else do you do?

AW: No, I work in Marketing (CRM) for a major gambling company. It’s enjoyable and gives great insight into customer behaviour

7. WF:  What else is your passion?

AW: Sports (football and hockey), sports betting, fishing, travelling, reading business books and writing.

Twitter Q&A #wfqa with Tumi Hawkins, Grumpy Old Landlord!


Tumi lists her areas of expertise as Property Investment, Residential Property Management, Tenant Eviction, telecommunications Project management.

She is well known and a prolific blogger under the pseudonym Grumpy Landlord. On her blog ‘Grumpy Old Landlord  you will find a variety of articles from Tumi’s own personal experience of building a portfolio of properties across the eastern region of the United Kingdom for the rental market, and managing the letting of these properties.

Tumi gives you a no-holds-barred view of what it really is like to be a property landlord in the UK.

1. @WalkerFox (WF)Why did you get involved with twitter?

@Grumplandlord (TH): to keep up with and make use of a good networking platform to grow my business

2. WF: What sort of messages can we expect from your twitter feed

TH: landlording tips, answers to questions, blog update notices, humour(?), retweet of useful information from others

3. WF: Where do you find your inspiration in the property industry?

TH: Inspiration comes from many sources, mainly on-line and off-line networking. Property Tribes inspires every day too

4. WF: What’s your biggest property tip?

TH: As landlord, have professional attitude, firm but fair 2tenants. As investor, get yr numbers right, don’t forget the yield!

5. WF: Where do invest in property?

TH: Cambs &South Lincs. Draw line from Mablethorpe 2 Grantham, down A1 2 St Neots, across 2 Cambridge, up2 Wash thru Wisbech

6. WF:  Is property your ‘career’ or what else do you do?

TH: Property investing/Landlord is a business, one of several that I am involved with. Plus I still do some TV directing.

7. WF:  What else is your passion?

TH: Having fun with family, practising biblical principles, reading fictional novels, exploring new places