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Walker Fox visits Leeds PIN meeting


Last night I attended the Leeds PIN meeting (Property Investors Network) at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Leeds city centre.

The meeting was held in a ground floor function room in the hotel with seats set in a traditional theatre layout facing the speakers table at the front of the room, their were chairs set for around 40 guests.

I attended with friend and colleague John Paul from The Castledene Group, John had travelled down from County Durham to see if he could meet a few more people in advance of speaking at the PIN Manchester meeting next week.

We arrived at 6.00pm for registration which for us, merely involved writing our names on a sticker to wear as we were both pre-registered onto the event. Interestingly, for new attendees (as we both were) our names were underlined. This was to highlight us as ‘new people’ to other new people so that we all felt more comfortable and not alone.

By around 6.45pm the room was almost full and people were mixing well and chatting between themselves. I had the pleasure of meeting my youngest ever property investor yet, a young gentleman age only 15! He was telling me about his latest deal whereby he negotiated a purchase of a property worth 67k for an agreed price of only 36k, wow! I thought, what a negotiator!

The meeting was opened by Dave Price who is the local host for Property Investors Network, Dave ran through a brief agenda and also advised that this months free prize draw for those who had pre-registered for the event would be a free place on one of Simon Zutshi’s training days.

We were presented with a local Lettings Update by Lee Sykes of Concentric Lettings in Guiseley, Leeds shared with the room some interesting information such as an increase in rental demand of around 19% in Q3 of 2010 along with a note of caution due to a new trend emerging towards bogus letting agents who are tricking prospective tenants into parting with deposit bonds and advance rental payments for properties that don not actually exist.

Leeds PIN something new this month, it was entitled ‘speed networking’ this concept involved the delegates being split into two groups facing each other. You were then given 30 seconds to tell the person opposite about yourself and what your involvement in property is. After 30 seconds, the roles of speaker/listener were reversed. Each minute, the person on the inside line moved down a place and the process was repeated. The general concensus was that this was a great way of meeting new people without waffling on. However, 1 minute per person would have been a better time period.

The main speaker for the event was Glenn Ackroyd. Glenn shared with us his background from growing up within a state benefit culture on a Bradford housing estate through obtaining his first job at the local county court to becoming a successful property investor owning over 100 properties.

Glenn spoke at length about the importance of a good strategy and explained how he faced financial ruin at the onset of the financial crisis back in 2008 and the steps that he has personally put into place since in order to protect his portfolio and now has the opportunity to share some of these strategies with others. Incidentally, Glenn will be having an in-depth article published in the December edition of Your Property Network magazine on this subject.

After the main speaker there was a general networking/discussion period. As it was around 9.00pm I said goodbye to a few people and made my way home having thoroughly enjoyed my evening and an intention to attend the next event in the New Year.

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