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What’s in a brand?



Branding is very important, it’s often advocated to make this branding personal. However, a note of caution before you make your decision. A quick ‘google’ search will often display the competition.

No doubt there will be a few people who spend a lot of money on SEO however, search engines and in particular are constantly reviewing their algorithms to ‘beat’ SEO optimisation and currently approximately 78% of search results relate to social networking sites!

I could have chosen ‘Rob Hubbard’ although when I google this I appear in last place on Page 1, nothing at all on Page 2 and in seventh and eighth place on page 3.

This is almost exclusively due to the fact that another Rob Hubbard takes centre stage as being famous for his work relating to the Commodore 64 computer. Incidentally, he is from up the M62 in Hull.

However, a google search on my business name ‘Walker Fox’ reveals much better results as this name is un-encumbered by someone famous!

My ‘Walker Fox’ appears in first, third, fifth, seventh and eighth position on page 1 and seventh, eighth and ninth on page 2.

The vast majority of these listings are via social networking sites and my continued input reinforces this brand and profile and drives the listings up the search results.

Well worth considering your brand name before committing in my opinion.

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  1. 18/11/2010 22:26

    Taking in one stage further Rob, i wonder if you will still be saying “google search” in a few years what with the rate of change we are seeing at the moment.

    There is a big school of thought at the moment about “social search” and i believe this will only grow. It has been said that a personal brand is becoming as important if not more important than than the corporate…….i think this is the future and it will be interesting to see what happens.

    Shame Rob Hubbard wasnt famous for the Spectrum ZX24 as i always preferred it to the Commodore!


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