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Twitter Q&A #wfqa with Lisa Orme, Property Finance Expert



Lisa is a well known and much respected property owner, investor and financial expert who is a regular contributor to the popular property                forums such as Property Tribes and also has a regular feature in the publication Your Property Network.

Managing Director of Keys UK Ltd, who  are a specialist property investment and development company that provide a range of consultancy,        mortgage, finance and protection services.




1. @WalkerFox (WF)Why did you get involved with twitter?

@LisaOrme (LO): Hi Rob, I’m nosey! It’s great to chat with people you’ve never met and get insights to people you’d never dream you could

2. WF: What sort of messages can we expect from your twitter feed

LO: like to tweet & retweet useful snippets of info about the property & rental market, a few jokes and replies to others.

LO: I’m also a bit of a vigilante and often tweet about people who’ve committed some crime or other – that’s Twitter power!

3. WF: Where do you find your inspiration in the property industry?

LO: Ordinary people not from the so called gurus or big shots. My clients inspire me the most; quietly getting on with it.

4. WF: What’s your biggest property tip?

LO: Ooh hard one; I think it would have to be get rich slow. Property is a long term game with a few quick wins along the way.


5. WF: Where do invest in property?


LO: The Midlands; I stick to areas I can access within about 30 minutes of where I live.

6. WF:  Is property your ‘career’ or what else do you do?

LO: Buy to let is my retirement, buy to sell was my ‘living’ but now have mortgage brokerage too which is more of a passion.

7. WF:  What else is your passion?

LO: Flying and travel. Completely nuts about both.

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