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Twitter Q & A #wfqa Interview with Ahm Charles, Property Problem Solver


This latest interview is with Tribal member and property entrepreneur, Amh Charles, who is a prolific networker both on and off-line.

Ahm will be sitting on the panel on the Great Landlords Debate at the forthcoming Property Investor Show, bringing his unique perspective and attention to detail to the discussions.

1. @WalkerFox (WF)Why did you get involved with twitter?

@AhmCharlesWW (AC): I was already on FB (university thing) but I had seen the increasing usage of Twitter @nicktadd & Vanessa helped me take the step

2. WF: What sort of messages can we expect from your twitter feed

AC: nothing too serious. Just some friendly banter. If I can find as many funny pics as @marcuside then I’ll be happy.

3. WF: Where do you find your inspiration in the property industry?

AC: thanks. strangest questionnaire I ever had! Would not really say I was inspired by a single entity. I just really (deeply) love property. So sad but so true!

4. WF: What’s your biggest property tip?

AC: Rarely do you ever begin with a deal. Like a craftsman you have to sculpt it & negotiate the rough edges until you’ve beauty.

5. WF: Where do invest in property?

AC: I’ve done London, Hastings & Midlands. I’m more London focused now but BTL as mainly in Hastings. Maybe a first commercial soon.

6. WF:  Is property your ‘career’ or what else do you do?

AC: property is my ‘play thing’ & gives me the buzz & money needed to live with passion. I also love new places, sky diving, charity. Meaning it’s don’t see it as a career or work I see it all as a game. The objective is to win, which is define by specific numbers.

7. WF:  What else is your passion?

AC: I’d really like to be more actively involved in charities for the homeless & disadvantaged kids.

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