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Progressive Property Group – Re-invent cancellation policy


Recent email correspondence….


I am fully aware of your cancellation policy and for clarity, have reproduced same below.

There is no express or implied obligation to provide notice of cancellation ‘one day before’ the direct debit as you state. In fact, it is implied that notice must be given before the billing date so as not to incur further charges.

Frankly your attitude towards customer service is very poor and I hope that you give more attention to matters when the sums are not ‘paltry’ as you put it despite the fact that the amount in question should have no bearing on the level of service provided.

I look forward to receipt of my refund.



Cancellation Policy

Should you wish cancel your membership please email stating the email you use to log in to the forum site.
Cancellation requests received on the day of billing may fall into the following month.
Please note that it is not possible to set cancellation for a future date – upon receipt of your cancellation request it will be processed within 24 hours and your access terminated. For clarification, any remaining time on your subscription will be lost and no refund issued.

Please also be aware that once you cancel your membership you may not be granted re-entry until we reopen, which can be as long as a year between relaunches.

From Progressive!

On 22 September 2010 10:47, Suneep @ Progressive <> wrote:

Thanks for the email.
Right lets clarify a few things:
You emailed me to cancel your membership after the 14 days were due to expire on the 24.08.2010. I immediately replied stating as we do not have automated systems please let me know one day before your debit as per our terms and conditions and cancellation policy you signed up to so I can process cancellation as we get 100’s of emails on a daily basis and is impractical for us to note down every member and it’s your responsibility.
The fact that you did not email me is neither our fault: we did give you notice just like other customers services representatives give when they require you to let them know a day before that you wish to cancel. You can visit our cancellation policy found here : which is also affirmed in out terms and conditions.
Moving forward, at the end of the day £34.07 is a paltry figure to ruin or have bad relations with our customers, and I will refund this amount on good faith not because you are owed it.
You can record these events no problem: we are an honest and reputable company with integrity and have nothing to hide.
Progressive Property
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