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Twitter Q & A: #wfqa interview with Vanessa Warwick, Professional Landlady


Vanessa Warwick is a former TV Presenter, turned full-time property investor/Landlady and property consultant/public speaker. She is also Director of a property network and a social media consultancy with her husband, Nick Tadd.

You can read about Vanessa’s investor biography here

Early on in their investment career, Vanessa and Nick realised that there was strength in numbers and that “none of us is as smart as all of us”. They started building a network of like-minded people to share knowledge, deals, and contacts with and through that, 4 Walls and a Ceiling was born.

Prior to becoming involved in property, Vanessa was a VJ on MTV for nine years, and also a Director of Music Programming where she directed concerts and music documentaries for such artists as Motorhead, Ricky Martin, Coldplay, and Keane. When Vanessa met her husband Nick, in 2002, he proved to be a catalyst for a new direction in her life – property investing.

They now have a portfolio of investment properties in excess of £5 million with significant positive cash flow from the rent.

1. @WalkerFox (WF)Why did you get involved with twitter?

@4_wallsWW (VW): I got involved with Twitter because I am constantly hungry for info & it serves that need, + I love real-time connections!

2. WF: What sort of messages can we expect from your twitter feed

VW: I tweet about property, social media, and what’s new on the Property Tribes forum. I also chat a fair bit, and RT others.

3. WF: Where do you find your inspiration in the property industry?

VW: Inspiration comes from many sources, mainly on-line and off-line networking. Property Tribes inspires every day too

4. WF: What’s your biggest property tip?

VW: My biggest property tips: Location x 3 . Due diligence x 3. Numbers never lie. Cash flow is king!

5. WF: Where do invest in property?

VW: We invest mainly in London and the South East, plus holiday lets on the South Coast, plus 2 x properties in Cyprus.

6. WF:  Is property your ‘career’ or what else do you do?

VW: Property investing/Landlord is a business, one of several that I am involved with. Plus I still do some TV directing.

7. WF:  What else is your passion?

VW: I love reading, walking, travelling, beaches, holidays, motoring, sharing knowledge, Little Chef, & our cat Billingsgate!

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  1. 07/10/2010 12:57

    hope and change

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