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Walker Fox presents new affiliation with JustDoProperty


Its an exciting day for us today at Walker Fox, we are now affiliated with JustDoProperty – the No.1 Property Portal for Investors and are about to assume one of the coveted positions as ‘Just ask the mentor’

JustDoProperty is the brainchild of dynamic husband and wife team Julie and Alec Hanson from Manchester who are both  passionate about property – development, investment and portfolio planning.

However, when they started out in property investment they both agreed that the one thing that would have fast tracked their business and learning would have been a one stop online portal where they could access advice, support, ideas and products on how to build a property portfolio. Along with access to online mentors and the opportunity to connect with both novice and accomplished property investors.

Surprisingly, this did not exist. So they created it!

As property investors, Just Do Property is like having your very own virtual assistant collating all the relevant and current information already on the internet and filtering it into an easy to use format. Membership is free and additional services are being developed all the time to ensure that you Just Do … Property as opposed to spending endless hours surfing, browsing and researching online.

I will be contributing articles, providing mentoring and generally answering questions on all matters relating to property sourcing and packaged deals.

It’s destined to be an exciting time ahead and I for one look forward to working with you all.


First time you’ve seen Rob Hubbard’s Walker Fox Blog? – Let me introduce myself.

Why did I do this? I believe in sharing my knowledge with other people as it’s not so easy to get as much funding as it once was – which means I find loads more interesting properties than I can buy!  The theory is I get to share my knowledge and tips – you want to know more – and then maybe, just maybe, we get to do something together?

Why should you listen to me? I own a property sourcing company, am a former letting agent and have been involved in construction as a professional surveyor for the past twenty years.


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