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Progressive Property won’t refund my money


I would like to quickly re-count a recent experience with the Progressive Property from Cambridge.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email inviting me to enrol on a specially discounted access offer to their property forum. This gave me access for fourteen days for the sum of only £4.99.

“Bargain! “ I thought and paid for the access by card.

Part of the deal was that after the expiry period, there would be a monthly charge of £29.00 plus vat or £34.07. However, this was avoidable by giving cancellation notice within the fourteen days.

So, I got my username and access passwords sorted then emailed my cancellation notice, all on the same day.

Roll forward fourteen days and low and behold, I receive an invoice for £34.07!!

Obviously this was challenged immediately only to be told “I can offer you a few options: you can perhaps book one of our FFF events and I can refund you the debit, or, as you have paid I can let you have access for the remainder of the month”


Not acceptable!

I want my money back and they don’t want to give it to me!

Some would might say that this is a scam to entice the naïve or passive, I’m not

If Rob & Mark are reading, “Can I please have my money back?”

What happens next will be posted quite soon……..


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