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Has Social Media changed the way that we do business?


When I started out in business around 25 years ago, I worked in a bank. We had one computer, a huge thing that was linked up to a mainframe somewhere and its sole purpose was to process paper dockets taken over the bank counter, cheques and paying in slips in the main.

The only people who could use this beast were those specifically trained for the purpose.

In 1990, I had a change of career to construction. We were building a £35m bypass in the Midlands and I was part of a ten-man strong commercial team. We had one PC to share between us, which was almost permanently locked in the Project Commercial Managers office like some valuable Egyptian artefact.

The world has now changed, huge technological advances have been made.

We (almost) all have PC’s with access to the internet via broadband allowing us to listen to music, watch films and interact with anyone in the world, in any place and at any time.

Many of us also have ‘a computer in our pocket’ be it an I-Phone, Android or the latest tablet such as the I-Pad.

We connect with friends old and new on Facebook,

Expand our professional networks on LinkedIn & Ecademy,

We share what we’re doing, watching, reading on Hot-potato,

We can say anything to anyone (as long as its in no more than 140 characters) on Twitter,

‘dig’ things on Digg,

‘Like’ pretty much anything and everything and the list goes on…….

There are loads of opportunities on various media platforms to be sociable.

Despite all of this happening in that last few years, some things don’t change…

Everyday I receive in my email inbox titles such as ..

“If you’re only swapping time for money then you’re standing still”

“Have you caught this deal yet”

“How to collect £233 – £577 from a secret ‘super’ niche”

And my current favourite

“It’s not a great property deal, it’s better than that!”

Many businesses use and abuse the modern way of communicating, you invite them into your life and they immediately start bombarding or spamming you with the ‘latest offer’ for this or the ‘must see’ that.

Frankly, they have missed the point!

Social Media hasn’t changed the way we do business it is effects are much broader reaching than that. Social Media has changed the way we live our lives.

Through our vast and ever expanding networks, we now have the ability to turn down or, even turn off the noise of the web and to choose to do business with people who we want to. Not to be forced or programmed to go in a certain direction, these companies are rapidly being ‘turned off or tuned out’ as nobody is listening to these messages anymore.

Business is still about building rapport, building relationships and growing a strong and reliable network. Social Media has given us the tools to grow our networks of like-minded individuals and businesses on a world wide basis.

Social Media is best used to share experiences, knowledge and to develop yourself and others. Remember, nothing is lost on the web, it can and will always be there to be un-covered at a later time, you reap what you sow.

Nobody can really predict where it’s all going next. However, I’ll leave you with one final question…..

Do you want to embrace Social Media or be turned off?

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  1. 18/08/2010 10:23

    Hi. I read a few of your other posts and wanted to know if you would be interested in exchanging blogroll links?

  2. 18/08/2010 19:17

    We had one PC to share between us, which was almost permanently locked in the Project Commercial Managers office like some valuable Egyptian artefact.

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