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60 Second Interview – Feng Shui Expert; Dr Michael Oon


Name: Dr Michael Oon

Role: Feng Shui Expert & Consultant; Exponemt of social media.

Location: Woking, Surrey


What do you enjoy most about your business activities?

Helping people by improving their lives. I am now meeting so many open minded, sharing and caring people. Secondly, I am having so many varied and new experiences – going to different countries, meeting different peoples, seeing new buildings and sites. I am also learning new methods of the digital age – Video and still photography and editing..Blog writing and web management. This is all new stuff and I am enjoying it.

What is the biggest challenge in your business?

Getting publicity to show credibility and authenticity of myself and my craft (Traditional Feng Shui). Secondly, sharing with people that we are at a juncture of a big change of how we live and work. Change is going to happen and it will happen.If you adapt to the coming changes, you will survive and prosper.

What is the proudest moment in your business?

To be invited by the team working on the feng shui of a new city at the master planning stage. I have also worked with this team on commercial development projects.

 What’s a typical day for you?

There is no typical day. With my involvement in social media, I have to deal to the incoming messages on the computer and create new comment. Other activities include meeting clients and carrying out various parts of my project.

 Personal mission statement?

Helping people improve their lives. We appreciate that the environment influences the quality of people’s lives. When you alter the environment in a positive manner, their lives improve dramatically – having positive ourlook, opportunities appear which then get taken or grabbed etc.

What was your first ever job?

Working as a laboratory assistant with BP.

What do you do personally each day to make a difference on your journey?

It is my goal to have good commuincations infrastructure which includes a web site with blog and video so that I can communicate clearly to people who I am and what Traditional Feng Shui is. Every day, I do the little bits which gets me closer to my goal.

What would surprise people to learn about you?

Was a Forensic Scientist with Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard) in London and now a Feng Shui consultant travelling the world.

Biggest surprise of your life?

Bullets from automatic firearms were coming my direction in Gibraltar when I was on an Police investigation.

Dr Michael Oon is a feng shui consultant specialising in enabling property developers to sell their building faster and at a premium. He works with them from concept. He is the owner of SE consulting and a member of an international team alliance feng shui which is involved in projects in various parts of the world.

Feng shui is the Chinese system of land management for the built environment. It provides the knowledge of how the environment affects human behaviour with the passages of time.

Michael is based in the UK was previously a forensic scientist with the Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard) in London.

His other interests are personal development, travel and an exponent of social communications.

Contact details:
M + 44 (0) 7973 551184
Web site/blog:

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