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Top 6 tips for Door to Door Marketing, make your flyers effective


Design a your flyer that works specifically to create maximum impact for your target market.

1. Format and size is very important

Consider different paginations Think about the physical presence of your leaflet How will it standout?

2. Creative Execution Less is more (esp. on the front cover)

Use three key messages backed up by branding Hierarchy of communication

3. Use a strong hook to grab attention

Eight seconds on the doorstep

Reward the recipient (Greed is Good!)

Relevancy helps but a good piece will still be read/glanced at by 80%+ of recipients

4. Target/plan smart Take advice

Use the most relevant system/s

Beware of real world factors such as high volume periods, school holidays etc

5. Distribute as frequently as possible

Not necessarily the once, recall/impact builds as recipients become accustomed to receiving the message in their homes

6. Don’t be afraid to test & evaluate

Ensure that the test sample is big enough don’t test too many elements just concentrate on the key requirements

Door to door distribution should be inexpensive so test again

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