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Why social media doesn’t work


A piece recently appeared regarding Social Media dummies which caught my eye, I then proceeded to undertake a little research of my own.

Social media marketing is very current, very now and therefore very exploited. However, unlike audiences of by-gone times, for example newspaper readers, the audience is no longer captive.

Despite the vast amount of “noise” on the web, its not only possible but quite simple to filter or even block out those messages that aren’t of interest, relevant or just plain bizarre!

It’s therefore somewhat bewildering that certain companies, organisations and individuals grasp the media in social media but totally ignore the social aspect

This puts into question, almost immediately the overall credibility of those who are attempting to force their presence onto un-suspecting persons via the social web.

Wake up!!! It’s not working!!

Example 1
The “professional” profile builder who follows 434 others, is followed by 225, appears on 9 lists and has only tweeted 89 times. Stats like that do not impress, but shout “Do as I say, pay me lots of money but oh, I do it different (or not at all)”

Example 2
The chap who contacted me saying that he enjoyed reading all of my responses on various forums, was really into social networking sites and social media and would recommend some invaluable reading material for me.

I received an email, clicked on the link expecting to be transferred to Amazon or another online book seller but what appeared? A sensational headline and high-pressure multilevel marketing pitch with video and an “act now” message or else I wouldn’t wake up a millionaire in the morning.

Example 3
I also don’t get those people who you find interesting enough to follow but can’t because they protect their follower list, eh why? Surely the idea is that you want to attract people who are interested in YOU, you then have the choice to follow them back, or not or, delete/block them. What is social about not being sociable?

The social web is there to be shared, openly and freely. The freedom of choice is immense. We don’t have to listen to the hard sell anymore, we can tune out or turn off. People don’t like it so don’t try and force your product, service, opinion on them.

If you engage buy chatting, commenting, congratulating but, with subtle reference to what you do or what you’re about the effects will be so much stronger and the business will naturally flow from these new relationships and communities that are formed, nurtured and developed.

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  1. Brian permalink
    16/07/2010 12:37

    Twitter is a huge application with a number of amazing uses that can be applied to business. Palo Alto has written a practical guide to how to safely allow twitter to be used in the workplace while still protecting the security of your business. The white paper is really interesting and will allow you to understand that there is utility to Twitter and that it can be an excellent medium for business.

  2. 16/07/2010 19:18


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