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Thinking of buying an investment property but don’t have time to do the homework?


Package 1 – The Straight Analysis 

  • Having agreed your specific investment property requirements, I will provide you the details of the properties that meet your criteria and Estate Agent’s details and you do the rest
  • £9.99

Package 2 – The Full Monty

  • I will personally do a viewing, take loads of photos, conduct a live rental market assessment [on top sites – Rightmove, Zoopla, Yahoo et al]
  • Arrange a solicitor to check the legal pack
  • Arrange a surveyor to inspect the property and produce a report
  • Liaise with Estate Agent, Vendor, Solicitor on your behalf
  • Organise a financial advisor to contact you and arrange finances
  • £299 + professional fees of Surveyor, Solicitor, Financial Advisor

Package 3 – Personalised Estate Agent Updates

  • The property scout service means you can subscribe to receive weekly upcoming property details for your property types of choice [up to 3] – for just £10 per month!

Contact me:

Please note: Upon successful purchase a finder’s fee commission of 0.5% of purchase price will be added to your bill. This guide is prepared in good faith; I am under no legal obligation to you in respect of the information contained in this document. The properties have not been inspected or surveyed.

First time you’ve seen Rob Hubbard’s Walker Fox Property Tips? – Let me introduce myself and the idea!

Why did I do this? I believe in sharing my knowledge with other people as it’s not so easy to get as much funding as it once was – which means I find loads more interesting properties than I can buy!  The theory is I get to share my knowledge and tips – you want to know more – and then maybe, just maybe, we get to do something together?

Why should you listen to me? I own a property sourcing company, am a former letting agent and have been involved in construction as a professional surveyor for the past twenty years.

I can’t tell you I know it all, no-one can, but I can offer a few tips for anybody interested enough to have a look.  These are the properties which if I had enough money I would be looking to buy.  The essentials of my research are here for you to feast on. It’s only a guide, it’s not advice – it’s a lead and if you want to take it further, that’s up to you

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  1. 22/06/2010 09:25

    Good luck with this service Rob, I’m sure this will appeal to busy people – there is so much to do when property hunting and never enough time. Especially right now as the good deals don’t hang around long.


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