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Estate Agents – The Art of Bewilderment


This article is extracted from a topic that I posted on the the forum Property Tribes, the thread can be read here. I have now decided to serialise my “mystery shopping” experiences with Estate Agents within my blog.

Unusually, I decided to take a look at a couple of Estate Agents properties on behalf of clients.

Rewind back to last Saturday…….

ME: “Hi there, I would like to arrange a viewing at xxxxx as soon as possible please”

EA: “Hello, not sure when we will be available”

ME: “Well I can be flexible, what do you have available? anything this weekend?”

EA: “Oh no, we’re far too busy, let me check the diary, think you’re looking at about two weeks from now”

ME:” Two weeks?”

EA: “Yes Mr Hubbard, thats what I said”

ME: “Its only a house, is there something I should know? Can’t you show me any earlier?”

EA: “Let me see, err, well we could have somebody at the property at 10.50 next Thursday”

ME: “10.50 NEXT Thursday?”

EA: “Yes Mr Hubbard, do you have a problem with that?”

ME: “No, not at all, confirmed for 10.50 for next Thursday, see you then, goodbye”

On Wednesday……..

Message from EA…

EA: “Just to let you know, we’re cancelling your appointment…you’ll need to make anither”

This afternoon…….

I rang the same Agent about a different property

ME: “While I’m on the phone, I’m still waiting for the callback about xxxxx”

EA: “Oh really”

ME: “Can I see it asap please”

EA: “Of course, next Friday at 12.20”

ME: “Next Friday? why so far away”

EA: “We’re very busy”

ME: “Its not really convenient”

EA: “How about a week on Tuesday?”

ME: “Look, I really want to view this, is there something that you want to share with me?”

EA: “Oh no nothing, you really do need to view though as we have had an offer”

ME: “So, you have an offer”

EA: “Yes, but it wont be accepted until exchange, so you can view and make your own decision”

ME: “But I can’t can I becasue you won’t let me view”

EA: “Does that mean you don’t want to view?”

ME: Biting tongue “I’ll take the Friday appointment please”

EA: “Great Mr Hubbard, really looking forward to meeting with you”

This is a decent sized branch of a national chain….ARRRGH!!!!!

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  1. 23/06/2010 14:55

    I heard a very similar story last week from a friend who was also trying to view a property. When he eventually managed to PERSUADE the agent to let him see it, the agent sat in his car outside, was extremely impolite to the point of rude and really couldn’t care less.

    I’m probably not best placed to comment as I don’t understand it. I had a viewing request for a property 15 miles away from my office for the same day. I checked with the vendor that it was okay with them, I sat in traffic for an hour and a half and I accompanied the viewing just as I had promised I would. A day later, someone else called to view the same property, she was also selling her house and had viewings booked so there was limited availability but I got her in the following morning at a time to suit her and again accompanied her. My business partner was away so I left the office closed for an extra hour, diverted the phones and sold the house.

    What can I say? Some people have never been introduced to the joys of doing something for other people.


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