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Yorkshire Property Tribe – Report on first gathering


Wow, that was awesome!

The Bridge Inn Hotel, Whitwood provided us with a lovely meeting room, nicely laid out with projection facilities and couldn’t have been more helpful in getting the initial set-up sorted. They do great food too! – Thanks to Dave and his team for that and see you soon. There’s a link to the hotel here please be so kind to mention us if you get in touch.

As expected the initial meeting was attended by limited numbers who didn’t quite know what to expect…I’ll be honest, nor did I!

After a short period of mingling and getting to know each other, I handed over to Nick Tadd to deliver his keynote address on using social media with your business.

Nick is very engaging and very knowledgable in his field of expertise. It was a real pleasure to be honoured that Nick wanted to speak at this event when recently he has been speaking at prestigous events such as Lettings Live in London and Africa Gathering is Washington, USA to name but two.

Feedback comments include “subject matter will be used in my business” “concepts will be used immediately in my business”and “brilliant!”

For those of you that couldn’t make it to the first event, the next date for your diaries is Wednesday 18th August 2010. Our keynote speaker at this event will be Amanda Brown of Planning & Development solutions,  and the subject matter will be around Houses of Multiple Occupancy “HMO’s”

Amanda is  an experienced town planning consultant (20 years in council’s, major surveying firms and own practice) who provides robust, commercial, realistic advice to developers, landowners, landlords and architects on development potential, planning applications and appeals, and enforcement notices across England and Wales.

If you have any issues with the UK town planning system, this will be the place to learn from the expert.

Full details of the next and future events can be found here

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  1. 17/06/2010 08:17

    It was a pleasure to be invited to talk Rob, thank you.

    It was also a pleasure to have people in the crowd that were so interested in listening to the power of the social web and what it can do for your business, whether that be property based and/or other.

    looking forward to halping you grow this event.


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