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Hello world


Hi there,
Well this my very first blog post, its all quite exciting!

Join me here to find out what I am up too and how we can all help each other out.

Bye for now


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  1. Tommy permalink
    09/06/2010 11:46

    Dear Rob

    I hope you are very well

    My name is Tommy and i live in Salford.
    I read one of your old posts on the swinging pig forum where you kindly agreed to email your leaflet/ flyer design to another member.

    I would really appreciate it if you could email me with your leaflet design so i could try and improve my response. I leaflet dropped last year, but stopped due to the poor response and also the state of the financial market ie cost of loan
    etc I am thinking of dipping my toe into the market again so it would be great to have a look at your leaflet, does it still give you a good response?
    BTW It was very interesting reading your blog, well done
    best wishes
    ps will you please hide my email address

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